From Bland to Grand: 10 Ways to Add Instant Curb Appeal to Your Home!

Having trouble selling your home? Or maybe you’re not moving but your home just doesn’t “wow” you? There’s infinite ways to improve the visual appeal of your home and the Lee Hatfield Team is here to show you how! These tips and tricks will add that extra sparkle to your home and help you sell your home or love your home in no time!

1. Paint your door a fun color

2. Add a swing to your porch

Make your home cozy before you even take a step inside!

3. Or a unique sign with your street number

Check out some more DIY street number signs here

4. Flowers…and more flowers!

Around the house, in the front yard, back yard, window boxes, on the porch, along the sidewalk, flowers look good anywhere and add instant visual appeal ~ and a pretty smell ~ wherever!

5. Put them by your front door

Super gorgeous entrance to your home…. plus you don’t have to walk far to water them!

6. Pimp your garage with a pergola

7. Don’t forget about your boring mailbox

Makes sense since this is the first thing potential buyers will see when looking at your house!

8. Get creative with exterior parts of your home


9. Hide your ugly ac unit!

10. Lastly, make a beautiful walkway up to your home

Try some of these creative curb appeal ideas and watch how it completely transforms your home!

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